artwork by moonassi

bring together the pieces of your soul
assemble those fragments,
custom ready-to-make furniture for your home
the books on your childhood shelf
the sold-out stadium tour: stuffed animal audiences
worlds you created and once understood
now discarded, threads fraying, dust gathering

we are a shell of ourselves, a house
until we reunite the slivers to create a home

there are infinite ways for a place to shatter
follow the thread, and sew with it
tidy the corners, wash the dishes, and make the bed
there are infinite ways to bring the place together

kintsugi that chip on your shoulder, your soul, with gold
pour in the wonder you have always known
what makes your heart glow? not artificial light,
but that of a candle, a fireplace

step into the home you have always known
(but please take your shoes off at the door)

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